Market Day in Provence

Market Day in Provence

We took the Peugeot on market day. At home, I’m accustomed to a hand full of outdoor stands where farmers sell their home grown produce. In Le Muy (pronounced mew eee) there are multiple and varied vendors, more than vegetables, berries, fruit. It covered both sides of three narrow streets where vendors offered bread, cheese, meats, paella, pottery, fabric, table clothes, shoes, handbags, crafted products and clothing as well as souvenir type products. Whew; such a selection of wares. It was truly an open-air sort of shopping mall that somehow felt intimate and quaint. The fact that it was scattered among the historic section was a bonus. It was swarmed by locals and tourists on this hot sunny Sunday morning.

We purchased mostly food products to enjoy back at the country house. Though Ingrid and I are shoppers, she having purchased a blue linen blouse and me yet another table cloth (my third). Yet the food was the best. The bread and cheese in France is delicious. We serve it around 4PM with a cool beverage of choice and sit on the shaded veranda back at the country house, three couples chatting and reviewing our day. Oh, c’est la vie!

My passion is pottery and table clothes, all in Provence patterns. Not sure how I will get the pottery home without breakage. I will likely have to take it in my carry-on for the flight home. I can see the airport security personnel rolling their eyes as my carry-on luggage goes through the x-ray machine. However, I’m sure they’ve seen it before. These lovely pieces will remind me of our stay in France after we get home.

Today may be a day of leisure because traipsing about Provence, though very enjoyable, takes it’s toll on your energy. A bit of blogging perhaps. Au revoir mis amis. Have a wonderful day where ever you are.


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