Euphrussi de Rothschild Gardens

Euphrussi de Rothschild Gardens

If your timing is right, the nozzles in the reflecting ponds will erupt into plumes of water keeping time to classical music, animating the garden into a performance fit for royalty. When the show is over and the fountains subside, the pathways that run either side of the water features, draws you further down into it’s exotic spell.

This garden features prominently in my novel, but as a writer, I’ve taken some liberties to redesign its landscape and layout. This is the pathway where Ruby jogs and where she starts to realize that the Drakers are trying to reach out to her and help her embrace the new life that she has been unwittingly thrown into. The story is described on pages 46 – 48 of Finding Ruby by Marianne Scott.

One of my favourite sections is the rose garden. In my novel, I place the rose garden at the base of the temple which I’ve also relocated to the very end of the peninsula situated precariously near the edge of a high cliff that overlooks the blue waters of the Mediterranean. The spot is where young Roscoe imagines he hears the voices of his deceased parents and sister talking to him, giving him comfort and consoling him when he’s lonely. Ruby is drawn to him. He reminds her of the little brother she too lost.

The plant selection is not indigenous. I love all the exotic species that we are not able to grow at home. Paul and I have taken many photos to enjoy again as we review the places we visited but especially this wonderful garden.

Today we’ll take a drive to Grasse, another example of old town Provence. See you then and have a most wonderful day.


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