Winding Roads of Provence

Moustier Ste Marie

Winding Roads of Provence

Taking A8 from Nice to Figanieres, I thought I might have been mistaken about the roads. Mais non! This super highway is like our North American highways, busy with traffic yet reasonably straight, albeit drivers are exploited by toll stations.  As for the winding roads, the French hide them. Well – not exactly. The winding roads are further North and less traveled; however, one still finds compact cars racing the tight turns. So many race cars drivers in Provence! Perhaps every road is the Grand Pris of Provence. We were on a day trip to one of the many ancient hilltop villages.

Moustiers Ste-Marie is a delightful mountain hamlet high in the Alps-de-Haute-Provence. Twisting and bending at ever increasing elevation the road runs past the turquoise waters of Lac de Ste Croix. Now this is what I envisioned the Provence countryside to look like.

Ruby (the protagonist of my novel Finding Ruby) paused to take a photo with me and then helped me do some shopping. Such delightful shops! Moustiers is famous for pottery. My suitcase going home will weigh considerably more than when I arrived. Paul is complaining that I’m spending too much money. In defence I replied, “it is necessary”. At another shop, I found un chapeau which I just had to purchase.

Au revoir mes amis and visit my blog again tomorr0w.



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