Yachts in St. Tropez

The Yachts of St. Tropez

I’m not that easily impressed, but the marina where the St. Tropian’s moor their boats took my breath away. I suppose that most were better described as yachts. Although, I’m not sure what point a large boat makes the shift to the richer designation but I’d wager that majority were in that category.

St. Tropez is a coastal town in Southern France located on a bay off the Mediterranean. Old buildings of yellow, pink, and orange encircle the harbour, contrasting with the azure of the sea , giving the scene it’s distinctive Mediterranean flavour.  Numerous artists have set up booths in front of the boats where they sell their painting. The area screams of coastal Provence. Tres charmante.

The day Paul, Andre, Ingrid and I visited was a special day of sort, an annual celebration of military history, the participants dressed in period costume. The narrow streets were barricaded to allow the parade to pass to the delight of the onlookers.

Exploring further into the back streets, we found wonderful shops. I purchased a note book and little tea pot painted in the blue and white so characteristic of Province.

Ruby and Allyson, Ingrid and Marianne’s fictional novel characters approved, posing for a photo with the ocean in the background.

Tomorrow – a trip to Vence and St. Paul where evidence of Medieval France still prevails.

Till then, we wish you as pleasant a day as we’re having.

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