Farmhouse in Provence

The Farm House in Provence

A8 from Nice into the gentler parts of Provence did not resemble the meandering country roads of Provence that I imagined. In fact, it was the French equivalent of Ontario’s highway 401. “Mon Dieu!” Who knew that Peugeots and Renaults and our little rental Citron could imitate race cars. And, motorcycles! It appeared that the white divider lines were their personal race lane. I asked Paul if it could be legal for the them to zip along it that way. He replied with an expletive. OK; so, we raced along with the locals until we could exit to Draguignan and then on to Figonieres.

Did I mention round-a-bouts? Our GPS lady, or least the female voice that told us where we should go (we wanted to tell her where to go) insisted that we take the fifth exit on the round-a-bout. Clearly, she had been drinking French wine because it was the second exit that pointed to Draguignan. We continued with our ‘c’est la vie’ attitude until we arrived at the bucolic little farm house tucked away among the trees and vineyards that led to Le Petite St. Pons, the charming farmhouse where we would stay with two other Canadian couples.

Ingrid came to greet us first. We exchanged hugs and air kisses. Andre, hearing the commotion came out to the tiled veranda. “You made good time,” he exclaimed. We were about half an hour later than we expected because we took several wrong turns and had to retrace back to the correct road, but none the less, we were here in the beautiful French countryside. Paul and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Lyse and Guy pulled into the gravel driveway one hour later. They had come from Marseille. Directly off their Air Transat flight they picked up their rental Peugeot, feeling like zombies because of jetlag. They too had similar problems navigating the highways and roads of Provence. We shared mutual transportation foibles, and we roared with laughter.  Ah, ces tourists!

Tomorrow we go to St. Tropez where the Mediterranean harbours more yachts than anyone can count. You must come back to visit this blog as our adventure continues. Perhaps Ruby and Allyson will meet some ‘unusual’ characters. See you tomorrow.


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