Jetlagged in Provence

Jetlagged in Provence

For a writer, there is no story without some element of drama. We started our trip to Provence with a familiar travel dilemma. The flight from Toronto to Zurich to Nice, except for ‘un  peu  de turbulence’ was unremarkable. However, trying to sleep in an upright positon is a challenge not easily accomplished. Add a six-hour time warp into the fray and a vengeful case of jetlag takes its hold. Sleep deprivation is a personality altering infliction so by the time we landed in Zurich, Paul and I were in a foul mood. Being told that we had to transfer to another terminal was an event that quickly turned from an inconvenience to a traumatic circumstance as we only had one hour to find our way. Regrettably on this morning, ‘Die Schweitzer sprechen kaum Englisch’. We relied on pictorial signs to guide us to a train shuttle that took us to an adjacent terminal, with half a minute to spare before take off time to our final destination.  We persevered, barely able to keep our eyes open, making the final leg of our journey in a state resembling the walking dead. Something about the anticipation of a wonderful holiday kept us going.

A few hours of sleep in a pre-arranged hotel room cured the problem. Partially rested and now in holiday mode we explored the tropical city where Ruby and her pseudo family the Drakers hid from a notorious psychopath.

Tomorrow we pick up a rental car and find our way to Figanieres. Please pop into this again for more adventures in Provence.

Marianne Scott, author Finding Ruby

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