Two Genres in Provence

Two Genres in Provence

Two authors, Marianne and Ingrid, their husbands in tow, are meeting in Provence this year at a rental Air B&B. Their acquaintance came because of a virtual friend – Facebook. Neither remembers the post that cemented the two into their lasting friendship. Ingrid and her husband live in Ottawa. She writes romance with titillating intimate scenes. Marianne and her husband live in Cambridge Ontario and she has a flair for intrigue, writing mystery thrillers filled with spies and psychopathic killers. When promotional business took Marianne to Ottawa, she decided to look Ingrid up and meet her in person. It was like they had always known each other. But, with two completely different genres, you’d wonder what they had in common. Perhaps the universe conspires. The chance meeting was probably meant to be. Now together in a peaceful dreamy French landscape, these two ladies are ready to shake up and rewrite the way most of us see the bucolic nature of Provence.

Both ladies will be guilty of smuggling their fictional characters along with them and to that end this blog will report on the daily interludes not only of the couples on vacation but the adventures and perhaps the foibles of the beloved characters in their novels.

With a mixture of fiction and reality this visit to Provence will be filled with surprises. I hope you follow my blog so you don’t miss a single amazing day of adventure. Click on the follow button and you’ll receive an email with each new post.

An author never knows what her characters will find. Certainly, in the French Rivera, anything is possible.  See you soon mes amis.

One thought on “Two Genres in Provence

  1. This is such a great idea! Does Ingrid blog? And if so where as it will be really interesting to look at the two “versions” of the trip. Welcome to Europe – enjoy.

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