Simply Complicated

Watching TV used to be a lot easier. These days our new super duper TV sends us messages. Why this is necessary I’m not sure but it appears that new technology is subject to software updates occasionally. This drives me crazy! It seemed like a simple thing to press that center round button on my universal remote agreeing to ‘update now’. So I pressed the button expecting the update to engage. No, nothing happened! So I called our service provider who informed me it had nothing to do with them. Call the television manufacturer, they said. I uttered several expletives. OK, to the Internet where I found a phone number and a nice man from El Salvador answered (FYI – Canada has zero people involved in customer service). He started to coach me through the procedure. It took a while to figure out which of our four remotes to use. Sorry – but more expletives later the correct remote started things happening. Forty minutes later the update was complete and I can again watch the news and the weather station in peace without annoying messages on the screen.

Just one of the frustrations of the digital age. Geesh!

2 thoughts on “Simply Complicated

  1. Love this post – it seems manufacturers believe we all “get” technology and also that a bit of tech has to be all singing and all dancing. Our washing machine has so many functions but I just select the same wash cycle every time. Same with my phone, camera, tablet, PC. More isn’t always better.

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    • I’m fairly tech savvy but just couldn’t get ‘it’ with the message on the TV screen. Picture = same message we had. It was as easy as using the correct remote. Makes me laugh at how dumb I was but the universal remote wouldn’t work. Funny in retrospect.

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