Protecting the Garden

Protecting the Garden

I know this story sounds mean hearted, but to an avid gardener, it is heartbreaking when these little menaces despoil the fruits of a mans hard put labour. But how would the man’s action appear to another four legged creature, man’s best friend, his dog?

The problem with the garden was that it attracted belligerent four legged beasties, toward whom my Alpha took great offence. A relatively gentle creature at heart, he defended his maturing vegetables as if they were living beings instead of food for sustenance. And, the garden was truly bountiful which to the Invaders was looked upon as a gift from the Providers and they came in droves as if to a temple. But my Alpha knew of their cunning. He would stand guard inside a boundary of chicken wire fencing that was futilely constructed to keep them out or he would chase the fury menaces as they approached. At times he would hurl yellow orbs in their direction which excited me because it also gave me the irresistible urge to retrieve. But the Alpha wasn’t playing games with them as he did with me. I did not understand why he wouldn’t have used an orb of more substantial weight to do them injury. If only he knew that the beasties merely regarded him as an annoyance. After all his aim was bad and his weapons of little consequence but his weakness was that he couldn’t be on guard at all hours. The beasties could wait until he attended to other things or slept.

It was the creature he called the squirrel that made me come to my Alpha’s assistance. I hadn’t planned it to be so but something about them aroused a primal instinct. They had a scent so alluring, so succulent, and so very addictive that it called on some unexplained inner hunger within me to pursue them. This pleased Alpha so much that he gave me a food treats each time I took after one of those trespassers. Then one day a cocky little vagrant became careless, taunting me too slowly, miscalculating my speed and he found my fangs at his throat, then,  a satisfying crunch of neck bones, a triumphant and swift shake of his body before the delectable nectar of blood delightfully filled my mouth. I stood proud over my kill. The Alpha approached and without a single word of praise or treat for reward picked up the dead carcass disposed of it in a hole behind the compost bin. I wondered what had displeased him. Strange creature my Alpha! But – squirrel – another chase.  My Alpha and I were much alike only I was more deadly.

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