Out on a Ledge


Pidgeons on the Ledge

John and Max sat on their favourite bench in the sunny courtyard, entranced by the hustle of activity before them. They didn’t talk to each because their minds were steadfastly focused on the street traffic and buildings across the busy road.

“Is that someone on the ledge of that tall building over there?” John said. It caught Max quite off guard to hear John’s voice. Startled, Max stared at him for a minute before refocusing on the spot where John pointed.

“Crazy fool,” Max said.” He’d better be careful or he’ll fall.”

“I once went out on a ledge,” John said as he cocked his head sideways in thought.

“What made you do that?” Max asked.

“The angel on the ledge said I should come out,” John said. “Said the view was wonderful so I thought I’d see for myself.” John nodded his head vigorously.

“Weren’t you scared? It’s ten stories up,” Max said.

“No, the angel said I’d be alright. I was convinced; that is, until a pigeon landed on my shoulder and started to whisper in my ear,” John said.

“A pidgeon, you say?” Max said. “What did it say to you?”

“Told me that the guy in the sparkling white suit was the actually the devil. When I studied him closer, I noticed that his wings were black and I scrambled back inside through the window, where a bunch of police officers grabbed me before I fell asleep.

A cheerful voice from behind interrupted their conversation.

“Heh fellas,” Sadie said. “Time for your afternoon snack”. Sadie always wore loose fitting pants like pajama bottoms and a printed tunic top with pink and purple flowers. She put down a tray of cookies, milk and two small paper cups each with a white pill inside, placing it on the bench between them.

Max checked to see if Sadie had gone back inside. He took one of the small cups and emptied the pill into his pocket then picked up his milk and cookie.. Taking a cue from Max, John did the same. When finished they returned to watching the man on the ledge.

“It was aliens that made me go out on ledge,” Max said before the two of them resumed their trance like silence.

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