New blog post – Under the Bed


Night Terrors

“It’s under the bed,” I cried. “It’s comes out when you turn off the lights.”

Mommy kissed my forehead and gave me a hug. “There’s nothing under your bed honey,” she said. “Daddy checked.”

“Don’t worry champ,” Daddy said. “I’d never let anything hurt you. Now close your eyes and sleep tight.” He gave me a bear hug and a tickle.

Then as always they left my room, closed the door, but worst of all they turned out the light. I was on my own. Smork started to make noises because he knew when my room was dark that I was alone and helpless. For a few minutes I lay very still, eyes wide open trying to see him. That was silly of me because under the bed type monsters are always invisible; that’s just the problem. No one can see them. You only hear them as they start to move about. It’s so scary!

I pulled the covers up to my chin. A familiar thump dee dump alerted me that he was now out from the under bed world. I could hear him swishing, and bumping and scrapping. He plays with my toys and leaves them scattered all over the place just to make Mommy scold me for getting up and playing in the middle of the night. I tell her it wasn’t me. It was Smork and I barely escaped with my life. You see if he grabs you – you’re a goner, dragging you down to that ‘forever under the floor boards’ space where he feasts on innocent fluffy dust bunnies that make him roar with loud smelly burps so he can frighten the scaredy kids he’s collected under there. Gosh no; I don’t want to be one of those scaredy kids.

He’s close to my bed now.  I can hear him breath. Yikes, time to pull the covers over my head because I figured it out. If he can’t see you, he can’t get you. Stupid monster! I’ll hide under here till morning when day light sucks you back from where you came.


Marianne Scott

May 25, 2016


7 thoughts on “New blog post – Under the Bed

  1. Phew; I’m relieved. I’ve so much stuff stored under my bed, it would be impossible for an under-the-bed-monster to hide there. LOL

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  2. That was something scary.
    So it wasn’t.

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    • Our writing prompt for our next writer’s meeting is “if I had magic”. I will try a poem this time. I am always inspired by yours.

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      • Marianne!
        Go ahead write it, may be my inspiration shall help you.
        You know why?
        Because you admitted with no self pride, that shall always help one to go further.
        that is a fantastic subject you can tackle.
        I think you can use words like wonderful, twist, stick, spontaneous, suddenly, wrong, right, sarcastic and so on…..
        Meanwhile you can browse my latest posts which are quotes and Haiku poems and very short poems.
        I wish you all the BEST for YOU.

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      • My daughter has joined my writer’s group and she is interested in Haiku. We will both have a look at your blog. Thank you for the encouragement and I will post my poem on what I would do if I had magic.

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  3. Oh! That’s wonderful.
    In my Haiku “Sayonara” I have introduced the way of writing Haiku and in “Relations Spoil” I have given the link to how to write Haiku, you can encourage her to write.
    The first time I saw it was strange and surprising for me, I thought I would never do it. But this morning I have written one more.
    It shall happen so with your daughter also.
    Give my love to her.


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