About Facts…and Keys




“And, exactly who said that”? Elizabeth rolled her eyes and pursed her lips tightly to left side of her face as she cast one of her disbelieving looks sharply in Hilda’s direction.

“I’m telling you Elizabeth; it’s a fact. Viola got it from a most reliable source – that award winning professor at that high profile university in the States. I forget the name of the place.” With absolute conviction, Hilda nodded her head assured of the accuracy of the startling fact she just delivered to her incredulous friend. “Yep…nine out of ten of us.”

“Well Viola isn’t exactly famous for getting details right”. Elizabeth said. “Most of the time she confuses her husband with her son and she’s always forgetting where she put her keys.” Elizabeth’s words were scathingly blunt as she reminded Hilda to take anything that Viola said with some caution.

“Oh Elizabeth! Hilda shifted uncomfortably in her chair. “The two of them look so much alike and you know her eyesight isn’t the best these days. Besides, we all forget where we put our keys sometime.”

Wrinkling her forehead, Elizabeth cocked her head slightly briefly considering that Hilda may have had a point. She turned to look out the bay window becoming transfixed as activity on the securely enclosed outdoor patio suddenly caught her unwavering attention. A squirrel mesmerized her as it acrobatically gyrated on the bird feeder that hung low from the branch of a majestic maple tree that cast long shadows across the row of Muskoka chairs that looked out toward the flower garden.

“Einstein,” Hilda waited for Elizabeth to offer an argument.

“Elizabeth,” Hilda called her name aloud and then again trying to break the spell that her friend had fallen into. “What is the matter with you? You have such trouble paying attention to anything these days. Keep that up and they’re going to think we’re forgetful or something. Now what was it that you asked me?”

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