Finding Ruby, a spy thriller, getting good reviews.

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This is what one reader says.

“Finding Ruby” has all the elements of a spy thriller: secrecy, mystery, suspense, murder, revenge, camaraderie and hope, betrayal, loss and love. Fans of this genre won’t be disappointed with Marianne Scott’s debut novel, a tale that reaches far into the past lives of certain members of a former CIA spy team. Decades later these members suddenly find themselves threatened by a psychopath who once was their boss. Told with sensitivity, intelligence and honesty by Ruby, the reader is soon drawn into the complicated plot and sharp minds of the many believable characters. It’s not until about chapter ten that the action begins. But, when it starts, the events unfold with a tempo that keeps the reader on the edge of the seat until the final page.


A note from, Marianne Scott, the author

The danger and intrigue of the Cold War spurred a plethora of novels about the exploits of spies during a very treacherous time in our history. Today that danger has supposedly passed. We don’t think about it anymore but many of the spies that engaged in covert activity during that era are still alive today. It begs the question, “What did those spies do after the Cold War ended?” Did they go on to have families perhaps under new names and try to lead normal lives? What if the lies and secrets followed them into civilian life? It’s an interesting premise and one that author Marianne Scott explores as she wrote a new spy thriller to add to collection. In her novel Finding Ruby, the Cold War theme prevails but the story takes places in the present. Her protagonist is a young woman caught up in exactly that kind of plight where she not only has to save her own life but the lives of other ex-spies and their families as someone with a vendetta from the past ties to kill them.

Finding Ruby offers, through the voice of the protagonist, an emotional and heart felt journey of a young woman whose identity has been torn from her and struggles to reinvent herself as she learns to accept past secrets that still threaten the lives of Ruby Draker and her pseudo family.


2 thoughts on “Finding Ruby, a spy thriller, getting good reviews.

  1. Awesome story, well written …just wait until you read the end!

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