Leroy brushed the sparkles from his skirt


Red lipstick and Blue Glitter


Leroy dusted the glitter off of his dress and stuck out his thumb, hoping the next ride would be just as great. He was fully aware of the perils of being a lone woman hitch-hiking but it paled against the dangerous mental anguish the world thrust upon him. No one knew the prison that his true self lived in, or felt comfortable talking about it. Sexual reassignment was abhorrent to the general population, especially to men who regarded a penis as a sacred idol to be worshiped. Leroy wanted to break free and was doing his hormone treatment that would start his metamorphosis. Maybe, that’s what compelled him to this mischievous past time. It’s not that he intended to go anywhere in particular. It was all about the rush of seeing the shocked faces of those horny undersexed drivers, intending to get lucky by picking up a roadside bitch for a quick romp in the back seat. Oh, how Leroy howled with laughter as he hoisted up his pants and sprinted out and away from them when they discovered their whore had an unexpected appendage, leaving them naked from the waist down, disgusted and hanging limp as their stupidity immobilized them, screeching “what the f___”. Leroy didn’t understand exactly why this gave him such satisfaction. He blamed it on an estrogen surge making him crazy. He reasoned that it was kind of like the PMS rage some women experience before their period; only for Leroy, it gave him a kind of euphoria. He loved the sensation.

As he looked back over his shoulder onto the dark highway, an eighteen wheeler groaned to a stop, the breaks hissing with steam, as the passenger door opened from inside, the hard face of a long haired individual with a low nasally voice peering out into the darkness and calling to him.

“Hop in, sweet cheeks,” the voice beckoned. Leroy grabbed the outer bar and hoisted himself into the cab that smelled of stale tobacco and French fries and found himself looking at a burly woman, with bright red lipstick and the biggest hands he had ever seen. Her eyes scanned his clothing, lingering especially on the sparkles on his skirt.

“Looks like you’re going to where I just came from,” she said. “Buckle up, sweetie; it’s going to be quite a ride.”

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