Huckleberry’s Light

An Aurora borealis is pictured near the city of Tromsoe, northern Norway, late on January 24, 2012.  AFP PHOTO / Scanpix / Rune Stoltz Bertinussen  NORWAY OUT (Photo credit should read Rune Stoltz Bertinussen/AFP/Getty Images)

Everything changed on Huckleberry Lane the night the strange lights appeared. A thunderstorm had knocked out the electricity and after a moment of intense darkness, everyone began to move in silent slow motion. That’s when the strobing lightshow started. But, had they all gone deaf? It was as if sound had dissolved, the sensory void hypercharging their sense of sight. Radios, televisions, computer games – everything electronic didn’t exist anymore. There was nothing else – only light. No one spoke as the intermittent glow intensified into a swirling fluorescence, hypnotizing all the Huckleberry Lane folk into trance like wonderment. Perhaps at first everyone thought it was lightning, but lightning didn’t dance in green, yellow, and magenta patterns in cyberific patterns across the night sky. It was peculiar how it drew the residents from their houses, compelling them to respond in an obedient call from above to gather outside on the street. There they stood immobilized looking heavenward, mesmerized and powerless. The light descended closer and closer; until, like an alien lifeform, it encircled each person’s body, hugging their humanness in rapturous excitement before gradually fading and absorbing into their flesh. Then the darkness returned.

An exploding boom of thunder accompanied by pelting rain, that stung and steamed from their skin, jolted the crowd back into consciousness. In unison, a hissing collective exhalation of their breath restored sound and electricity back to the street.  No one questioned why they all stood outside in the rain. They simply greeted one another with glowing eyes and an accepting nod as they returned to the shelter of their respective homes – as if nothing had happened. But afterward, the good people of Huckleberry Lane were never the same – except for one –   a thirteen year old boy who had been sleeping in his curtain drawn room had been unaffected by the entire event.

2 thoughts on “Huckleberry’s Light

  1. Quite a neat little story. I liked it. I am wondering, though, was it better to have watched the lights or have been asleep with the curtains drawn?

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