Finding Ruby, a haunting story about the Cold War that never ended.

Between 1945 and 1991 Russia and United States vied for political supremacy; world domination was the goal. It was known as The Cold War Era, a fearful time, fearful because an ominous dark cloud hovered over the two nations threatening annihilation not only of social ideologies but actual life on earth as we know it. Each side watched for invisible enemies that lurking among them. No one actually saw these enemies but supposedly they were everywhere. We never knew where they might be waiting but we were all careful to be politically correct lest someone accuse us of being a Communist. We feared them because as members of Western society we cherished democracy and Western freedoms and we were told that would be eroded, but mostly because the Communists had nuclear bombs. They were the bad guys.


Back then, I was still a child and it never occurred to me that our Western governments also engaged in notorious infiltrations and that we too had weapons of mass destruction. There was a perilous standoff of political power between two superpowers. The most profound memory that stays with me to this day is that of school drills in case of a bomb attack. When the sirens blared, we were instructed to immediately stop what we were doing and hunker down under our desks, because, if I remember correctly, desks protected you against nuclear radiation and the intense heat and explosion that resulted just before the mushroom cloud formed. At least according to the logic of a ten year old, the space under your desk was a protective zone that would save you. It’s what grownups told you to do and grownups could be trusted. As we grew older, we realized that nuclear bombs meant annihilation regardless of where you hid, you were doomed. It was a time of dangerous lies and secrets; governments lied to its citizens, parents lied to their children, and professional and even scholarly people complied with ordinances issued. They surely knew the consequences but sanctioned it as necessary protocol. They called it patriotism. Today the Cold War is just a memory and supposedly the danger has passed. We don’t think about it anymore but many of the spies that engaged in covert activities during that time are still alive today. What did they do after the Cold War ended? Did they go on to have families and normal lives? What if the lies and secrets followed them into civilian life? Imagine if someone still carried the insanity forward. It’s that premise that gave rise to the story concept in my novel “Finding Ruby”.


The danger and intrigue of the Cold War spurred a plethora of novels about the exploits of spies during that treacherous time. In my novel “Finding Ruby” The Cold War theme still prevails but the story to takes place in the present. It answers the question “What came after”? What about the children of those spies – the next generation? How might the activities of their parents affect them if someone believed that the Cold War still remained a threat? In my novel a young woman is caught up in exactly that kind of the predicament where she has to not only save her own life but the lives of other ex-spies and their families as someone with a vendetta from the past tries to kill them.




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