New Title “Becoming Ruby” is now titled “Finding Ruby”.

Finding Ruby_edited-1

I’ve just discovered that another author has already used my title. Disappointed? Yes; but no biggie though. I’m sure it happens from time to time. To avoid confusion, I’ve retitled my novel “Finding Ruby” and it’s a perfect fit. In fact, it’s even better than my original and very much in keeping with the theme of this story where a maniac killer is in a relentless chase of an innocent young woman.

To save her life, my protagonist has undergone an identity change, one that she has difficulties understanding and coming to grips with at first. But her story is bigger than that. As Ruby assumes a her new persona, she joins forces with the Drakers to counteract the unrelenting pursuits of a crazed CIA chief who the US Government has demoted and minimized to an administrative job after the Cold War. The disgrace of losing his power and status unhinges him. His mind snaps and he embarks on a killing spree to punish those agents who once worked for him.

“Finding Ruby” is a novel about knowing yourself, accepting change, embracing danger, and taking risks. You never know what life is going to throw at you. Once Ruby learns about the danger she and the Drakers are in, she realizes that you have to be brave enough to fight to save what is left after you lose everyone you love and everything that you thought was true.

8 thoughts on “New Title “Becoming Ruby” is now titled “Finding Ruby”.

  1. OHH! Sounds good! I also like the analogy of identity. Is it on Amazon? If so, can you provide a link?


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