September Short Story by Marianne Scott

Molly and God’s Stock Market


In the beginning there was the stock market. Molly figured it had something to do with “The Big Bang Theory” because algorithms and indexes were involved. It must have been how the world started. Although Molly found it very perplexing she knew that it was something big and influential, kind of like word of God when you went to church on the Sabbath. Yes, she was quite sure that it was very important to the wellbeing of good families everywhere because an entire station was devoted to it on the television just like the religious channel that Christian folk watched on Sunday morning. It was always on in their house because her father, who she knew was a very decent person, would often say “Oh God help us” when he looked up at the wall mounted television from his desk in his home office. You see, there were rules, similar to the Ten Commandments she guessed, and if they weren’t followed bad things happened. Bad things like a market correction or worse yet a recession. When she asked about what that meant, her Dad would only say “that’s very bad”. No wonder her Dad often prayed to God for divine help. Luckily there were good brokers, whatever that was, like her father who worked as an independent Financial Advisor.

Over the last several months, Reverend Hitchcock would sometimes bring very worried looking church members to his office. After introductions and shaking hands her Dad would say to them “Well let’s see what we can salvage from this portfolio”. The Reverend would then slap her Dad on the shoulder and exclaim “God bless you my son” before going into his office and closing the door behind them. It made Molly so proud that he somehow helped the good Reverend in the salvation of his flock.


By Marianne Scott

September 6 2015

2 thoughts on “September Short Story by Marianne Scott

  1. Marianne Scott
    I have Nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award.
    Please Check.


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