Novel “Finding Ruby” by Marianne Scott (to be released winter 2015/16)


The underlying theme of my novel “Finding Ruby” is based on residual complications from the Cold War. What happens to spies when they’re no longer needed? What if they retired under new names and identities and tried to live out their lives as normal citizens? Would their past remain obscured and secret? What if their sins came back to haunt them?

I’m old enough to remember when the Western world lived in mortal fear of being taken over by Communists. That era was called the Cold War. It was a time of nuclear irrationality, the West and the Soviet Union each increasing their nuclear arsenals, pointing missiles aimed at each other – their enemy. The philosophy was that whoever had the greater number of weapons of mass destruction would be the dominant power, seeking political and economic supremacy over the other. To that end, intelligence agencies on both sides spied on each other, their agents assigned to secretly gather information to avert a nuclear attack and nationwide disaster.

The threat went on for forty five years. However, with the passage of time, political leaders come and go changing the political landscape, and in 1989 the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty was signed, an arms-pact that required mutual reduction of nuclear caches. Then in 1989 the Berlin Wall came down and finally on December 8, 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed. That was the end of the Cold War.

So what happens to that army of spies? What does the CIA do when agents’ jobs are no longer required? “Becoming Ruby” creates a situation that links this past era to the present dragging with it that insanity that once ruled a world that thrived on power but in fact had actually gone crazy.

The scenario marinated in my mind for a year until I simply couldn’t contain it anymore. My story needed to be told. Just for fun and for a compelling read “Becoming Ruby” is a spy thriller that explores the present day lives of ex-spies who find that the danger never ends.

“Becoming Ruby” is a work of fiction.

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